Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis The Season

 Seasons Greetings everyone! I've been out of the loop so to speak and I'm back! While some celebrate Christmas others celebrate Hanukkah,Yuletide,Mithra's birthday,and Kwanza. In fact the diversity of this lovely time of year is what makes it so special.

 The origin of Christmas goes way back - long before the advent of Christianity. Most are unaware that there were originally 12 days of Christmas including the day of Epiphany that occurred immediately afterwords on January the 6th. Likewise, the 6th of December being Saint Nickolas day which is still practiced throughout much of Eurasia and the Middle East. Celebrating such tradition is a natural phenomenon and can be quite an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, there's both non-theistic and religious fundie types alike that would love to have such a joyous occasion done away with and to them I say - Baaaa humbug!

This is time of year that families and friends are reminded of what it means to be rich. It's not about how much money you have or how physically appealing you may be. It's about how much people value you as a person and vice versa. One's character says more about them than anything else. At least that's my outlook. Spice that all up with cooler weather and the festivity of the year (the lights,the holiday tree and music) and it only adds to this joyous event.

This time of year reminds me of all that I hold dear including my memories of a time long gone - when there was a stronger sense of family/community. We had less distractions but our interactions with one another were more thorough and personable. We looked forward to going to see grandma and grandpa accompanied with all our aunts,uncles,cousins,and other relatives (immediate and distant). It was a time of year where the gift giving was overshadowed by the love we had for one another and basking in the warmth of each others presence. We longed for the stories about the "good ole days" told by our grandparents and great grandparents.

With that I bid everyone a wonderful Seasons Greetings.



  1. Thanks Ricky. Happy second day of Xmas.

  2. I just can't wait for the sun to get down from that cross so the days can start getting longer. Anyway, Merry Winter Solstice! And now we just have to wait for that annoying holiday music to stop playing.

  3. Finally, the days are gonna start getting longer. Means more time to make some money.

  4. Cool Video Ben. You should make another one.