Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Beauty of Diversity

 I think we've all heard such statements as "variety is the spice of life" or "it takes all types to make the world turn". I couldn't agree more. If everything was the same life would be bland.

  Muhammad Ali said it right. Contrary to what many might think; he's not a bigot. He's a lover of nature. That's an admiral trait to have.  40 plus years of social engineering has taken it's tole on society and all that's good is now deemed "bad" or "wrong". It's now considered "racist" (in most people's minds) to support the preservation of your own people and want your children to look like you. 

Most people claiming to love diversity are the ones working to destroy it. Think about it. If you love the fact that Africans are black, Europeans are white, Asians are mongoloid,and etc. then not wanting these races staying true blue -  mating exclusively within their own kind - is a passive way of supporting racial genocide. Diversity is our strength - allowing us to thrive in all types of climates.

Such diversity is also found within different species of trees and animals. This diversity ensures the survival of life in general in addition to proving a wide array of unique beauty that's utterly breath taking.

 "Creatures flock together with their kind, doves with doves, cranes with cranes and so on." -
Greek philosopher Democritus (c.460 BC)

 Likewise, societies living in accordance with natural gender roles tend to be healthier - physically,emotionally,and spiritually. The reason being? It works. Feminism is at odds with our very nature and as a result has created a retrograde "culture". Nothing functions as it should and our socioeconomic infrastructure is in a state of utter disarray. 

Is it any wonder why divorce is at an all time high? Western society is out of sync with Mother Nature. Men and women are competing with one another in the home as well as in the work place. Men and women  no longer improve the quality of each others lives. The Yin and the Yang are out of balance. It's horrible.

Humanity will eventually awaken from it's stupor and realize what truly matters in life is the overall well being of society. I'm not advocating a return to a puritanical age. Such times were utterly oppressive on different levels. Living in harmony with our nature doesn't have to involve a return to an age of misogyny nor some Hellish feminist dominated society of dystopic proportions where women rule and men are subservient. There's a better way.

"A Society Without Fathers or Husbands: The Na of China" written by Cai Hua is a fascinating read about a culture within China that's existed for over three millennium. The concept of both fatherhood and husbandry is alien to these people. It's a matrilineal society honoring the natural gender roles while allowing both men and woman liberty to have as many romantic partners as they please without disrupting the fabric of society. Contrary to what many might think; it's highly functional. Men are the leaders of society while the women are it's nurturers. Both suicide and homicide are virtually non-existent with the Na people.

 Click here for part one and here for part two of a short documentary on these amazing Na (Moso/Mosuo) people.

What these people are doing works. What we're doing doesn't work. Do the math! Our own culture has failed us and it's largely due to the fact that "our" culture was never ours to begin with. Back in the annals of our history and before Christianity was spawned and imposed upon our ancestors; they were pagan. Long overdue is another cultural renaissance - an amalgamation of the best of everything from now and from our past. Only time will tell if this transpires and in what form. It's doubtful any of this will take place without  first enduring a fairly lengthy dark age.


  1. Excellent & professional blog Ben; I totally agree with all you've portrayed. Diversity is the only way to go..
    Although the era of 'feminism' where women thought they could do/have it all was a very ignorant choice - they 'shot themselves in the foot' & sealed their own doom really.. pushing up house prices with the 'then' rich economy.. but now it seems women don't have much choice but to go out to work because of the high cost of living. & there's nothing clever about children who hardly know their parents cuz they've been palmed off to childminders & carers - what was the point in having them in the first place? I agree with you that women should be nurturers & be an enhancement to her man & family. Yes, they are oldfashioned & traditional values; I know there's a lot of women out there that are the opposite, & thrive on being career orientated, but doesn't leave much room for a family life. Again, it's all about diversity & what suits the individual I suppose. It's those children that feel neglected & unloved that I feel for..

    Anyway, 'spot on' blog Ben; you'd make an excellent reporter - or even a teacher :-)

    Donna (facebook)

  2. Thanks Donna! I always appreciate your input. I'm actually thinking about taking a creative writing course at the local community college where I live. I'm growing quite fond of "blogging".

    Feminism is a tool and it's been used to tear down the very fabric of society - especially here in the west. I've lived all over the U.S.,Rhodesia,and South Africa and the economies have been taking a downturn for quite some time. It's amazing to see once great nations utterly decaying before our eyes. It's heartbreaking to say the least. All semblance of family is virtually non-existent nowadays.

    I've been saying for awhile now that there's a method to the madness. I don't believe in coincidences. What's taking place is happening because powerful people at the top have an agenda. What this means for mankind's future is anyone's guess. I don't think it looks too bright. I fear we're heading toward some pretty dark times. The Mad Max movies come to mind. They've been telling us what they have in store for us throughout the various dystopias - be it in book form or in the movies.

  3. I consider myself more of a liberal but I never quite understood how wanting to preserve your heritage (race) was misconstrued as being "racist". How's wanting to preserve nature a bad thing?

  4. Rachelle, nothing happens by mere coincidence. There's an agenda and it's not good either.

  5. I've always considered myself pretty liberal BUT the whole issue of race never quite jived with me. What's so wrong with not wanting to mate outside your own kind? How is that "racist". It's only natural. Muhammad Ali said it right. For the past 20 years or more there's been a big push toward the miscegenation of the races. Why can't they leave well enough alone? Nature knows best anyhow. Perhaps there's something to this whole conspiracy theory stuff after all. It's quite apparent that there's an agenda. I just can't understand why. It doesn't make any sense. If someone knows the answers please tell me. I want to know. Maybe I'm dense and can't see what's staring right at me.

  6. If I'm considered a racist because I don't want my kids to be racially mongrelized then so be it! I stand up for what's right and could care less if it's considered politically incorrect.

  7. The mongrelization of the races is the worst forms of racism as it destroys the different races; replacing it with a mutt - not what nature intended. It's horrible. For too long I kept this view to myself out of fear of being rejected by a society that's increasingly buying into the politically correct lies promoted via the media,education system, and the brainwashed masses that re-enforce this dribble back to one another.

  8. I hear buddy. I concur. I'm not a fan of interracial romances but neither am I a fan of such hateful neo nazi groups or the new black panthers. These people scare the Hell out of me.