Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Conservative Kookery and Liberal Lunacy

 I don't know about you but liberal loons irritate me just as much as a Bible beating fundie or libertarian type - just differently. Much of what's promoted is out of sync with humanity's nature. From my travels across this country it seems the polarization of both liberals and conservatives has become more extreme with less tolerance for those disagreeing with them ideologically and economically.

On the left you have the liberals - pandering more to "minorities",feminism, and multiculturalism. Yet this is the very group of people that also support better wages and better working conditions in addition to equal rights for everybody - left wing,right wing, or anything in between.. As with anything - it's ideology has some validity intermixed with absurdity.

Then you have conservatives - pandering to fundamentalist Christians and big business alike. Neither wing on this bird of prey has the people's best interest at heart. Adhering to partial truths and promoting absurdities at the same time is what's wrong with the current system. Sadly, there's big money behind both groups and unless people en mass realize the extent of their manipulation things will get worse before they get better.

Let's get one thing straight; there's nothing compassionate about conservatism and there's nothing liberating about liberalism.Within both these ideologies the bad outweighs any good. It doesn't matter whether there's a Republican or Democrat in office because the socioeconomic infrastructure will continue on it's downward spiral. Each year that passes this nation looks and feels more like banana republic than the greatness it once was. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer with the middle class close to extinction.

The corporations finance both parties. What little differences that exists between the parties is all talk. In truth - each candidate (regardless of political affiliation) is gonna do the bidding of it's financial backers. It's been this way for a long time and without enough people understanding this and networking with one another and working for REAL change it's only going to get worse.

For more information on the Occupy Together movement click here .

 The 1%-ers don't give a damn about us. We're just goyim to them -just a number. Think it's any wonder why they promote the "virtues" of a "free" market? They know the economy is rigged because they're the ones rigging it. They own the media, the banks, the publishing companies,and all politicians (to varying degrees). Anyone saying hard work and perseverance (alone) is enough to enjoy a life of opulence is a bold face liar. They know that in order to keep the populace at bay (and content with the status quo) people need hope even if it's false hope.

The leveling of the playing field is taking place but it's not something to celebrate as the conditions of the third world gradually become the norm in every top rate city,nation,and continent on the planet. Alas, the vassals will regain total control as the masses compete for unsustainable wages - all in the name of free enterprise and "progresse". It's disgusting but it's exactly where we're heading. The adherents of "unbridled" capitalism (as promoted by the Ayn Rand and Milton Freedman) will have a rude awakening when they learn that the very model that they held in high esteem was a farce and that they were merely played for fools by those born into money.

 The current system isn't working for the benefit of mankind as a whole and it's long overdue that we considered other models. No system is "perfect" - whatever that means. I'd like to see the implementation of a resource based economy. However, the one promoted by Jaque Fresco and Peter Joseph seems a bit lacking. While too much power in the hands of the few isn't good the same be said of it's lack. A strong central government with laws and etc is essential to keep order. To think mankind can live in some utopian dream and self govern him/herself all on their own is a bit naive and foolish as far as I'm concerned.

It's all about balance and the acceptance of truth , most of which has been deemed politically "incorrect" nowadays although true all the same. Is it hopeless? No. It's unlikely we'll be moving in the right direction until things get much worse. Until then, try to enjoy life the best you can and learn to be as unattached to things and places as possible. Stay in contact with loved ones (family and friends) and if you're in a posiiton to start storing food,water,and other essentials then by all means start doing it - sooner rather than later.


  1. Great posting! You should expand upon the definition of what's conservative kookery and liberal loonacy.

  2. Yes! You tell it as it is.
    I agree with the need for central government, for now, on the one hand. But on the other, don't discount as naive that humans can't manage themselves without government (law). After all, all wild creatures and all true hunter gatherers manage themselves. How?
    As long as we use money & think we possess things, we cannot manage ourselves and need a central government, because the idea of money and possession is itself control, lack of "free". To possess is to control, to not be free. How can we speak of no goverment, of being free (non-possession) if we possess, if we ourselves govern nature's flow? Possession is control. Government (law) is money management, possession management, meaning management of credit (reward) and debt (punishment). We CAN and DO manage ourselves perfectly without government (law) when we give up all idea of trade (commerce, barter, vengeance, punishment) and possession. Until then, we need government.

  3. I always appreciate your comments Suelo. I guess my primary concern is that without a strong central government the greedy types (bankers,and other owners of mega corps) will continue manipulating currency to the point where a full day's work looses ever more value - forcing the majority of the working poor into homelessness. Maybe this has to happen before any real change takes place.

    I feel that what you propose can work but requires people properly educating themselves without the aid of established educational institutions. People are waking up but it hasn't reached a point where most people are on the same page as we are. when that happens the need for "government" will exist within our own self and not as some institution.

  4. So what are you guys? Socialists or Anarchists? I'm for a free market economy I believe in limited government. Let the market dictate. If people are poor it's because they lack drive to better themselves and just want a free hand out. Sorry if that offends you two but that's how I see it. I'll be voting straight ticket Republican come election day. I don't think this country can bare another 4 years of the Obamanation.

  5. It was the free market that worked kids in factories 14 hours a day,7 days a week. Let the market dictate,huh? You do that and we'll be right back where we were during the industrial revolution.