Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Meltdown Draws Nearer All The Time

  This video reveals what I've suspected for quite some time. I've known that America's (and the world's) heydays were numbered. The middle class has been dying a slow but very painful death for awhile now. I noticed something wasn't quite right as far back as the early 1980s. That's when I first noticed the blight taking place.

A few years later I noticed that the pace had picked up quite a bit with abandoned buildings and crumbling roads becoming the norm. The infrastructure continued to break down over the years with whole sections of select large cities and many smaller towns across the land being abandoned. The division between the "haves" and the "have-nots" continues to widen with no hope in sight.

 I knew this day was coming. It's not a matter of if but rather of when. The whole economic infrastructure is crumbling around us and the real issues are not being addressed. In my opinion this ongoing global economic melt down is being allowed to happen - but I digress. That's another topic for another time. 

The best thing one can do is liquidate as much of their assets that's feasibly possible - without going to extremes as many of the fear mongers seem to suggest. You got to be practical in these matters and keep a clear head. It's not time to panic BUT you need to take precautions so when the shit does hit the fan so to speak you'll be prepared. If it's so bad that the whole system collapses and society comes to a fault - leading to a full blown state of anarchy in a matter of months then it's not gonna matter anyhow. I just don't see that happening. If it does get that bad then it'll probably happen gradually over a 5,10,or even 20 year process. That still gives people time to prepare.

  Anyhow, with all that paranoia aside it's best to start preparing a relocation to a local that you've always wanted to go to OR that you simply feel you stand a better chance to live a comfortable life aka a climate you're more acclimated to racially and the such. Likewise it's best that this locale also be more in line with your political leanings. For example if you're left leaning liberal that does better in colder weather then places like Canada,the pacific Northwest or even the upper new New England are is you're best bet. Then again, if you have a pretty good tolerance for hot muggy weather and tend to lean more to the right politically then one of the Dixie states might be to your liking.

Maybe this could be an opportunity to just stop whatever it is you're doing and smell the flowers - to live in the moment and to live one day at a time. Maybe the rat race isn't all that's cracked up to be.


  1. It's gonna have to get worse to wake people up to the evils of capitalism.

  2. The rat race is a fool's errand. I was once a part of it until I opened my eyes to what is truly around me. Capitalism is a serious type of hellish cancer on this earth. Without it, we all could have so much more to live for. Each other instead of fictional personal gains. I myself began to live without money, without possessions, without worry. Like the birds, like the deer, like the fish. People in our system think that they have to work to get to a certain point in thier life. To attain a certain place where they are a "superior" form of themsleves through financial gain and assets. They fail to see the truth. The truth that they are already who they will ever need to be. No job, no place, and no posession will ever change that. Flesh and bone, like everybody else. No better or no worse. Capitalism. The posion of the earth. From great Rome, to the demise of the Native Americans, to the greed of modern day America, to the sweat shops of Asia, with all of history pointing and screaming the answers to mankind's problems in our faces, we have changed very little. A new chapter in the history books is in dire need...

  3. C.J. and Ricky, you guys are right. We're all just spinning our wheels working day in and day out for a measly few days a week off to unwind and gather our thoughts only so we can go back and do it all over again. It's never felt right for me. I've always valued my time more than money and that's why I've never "accomplished" much in life. I just can't help it. I have to be free. The Native Americans largely had it right and on average they worked about 14 hours a week hunting,gathering,and day to day chores. They had plenty of time to spend with one another and to live their lives in sync with nature and not opposed to it. All that's gone now and poverty is on the rise - not just in the so called "developing" world but also here in the west. The greedy corps are working us longer hours and requiring more from us with less to show for it. The whole word is becoming one big sweat shop.I can go on and on about the possible outcomes of what this might lead to but there's already enough dystopias written about this very thing.

  4. I like your blog Ben. You need to write more though.