Monday, November 1, 2021

Re-Visiting The Winding Down Effect

Fall is finally here and it's a breath of fresh air. Halloween has passed with today being the Mexican day of the dead. It's nice not seeing everyone masked up. The past year or so has been quite trying to say the least. While things on the surface (in this regards) seems to be returning normal it's actually just revving up. 

 It's been awhile since my last post and I decided to expand a bit on the winding down effect. It's picked up pace which shouldn't come as a surprise to those capable of questioning the narrative. The dream of life is becoming evermore of a nightmare. The continual pressure to get jabbed or face loosing one's livelihood along with limited travel options are worsening while the resistance to this is minimal but growing. There's a lot of speculations that the jabs are for population control and time will reveal that to be true or not. If nothing else it's about limiting our ability to move about and be left alone which is bad enough. Either way - I'm not gonna comply and will likely loose my job as a resort. It's scary but anytime something like this is pushed with such an intensity something about it isn't right - whatever it is.  

 With my possible looming job situation quickly approaching it just drives home the point that I should've traveled more. I've never been under any delusions that all my years of working have proven fruitless - mainly because I've been earning unsustainable wages the whole time and while I lived frugally it still hasn't been enough to build up any savings. So much for that whole notion that any amount of money is better than none except perhaps if it's a matter of life and death and even then - if it's down to working just to feed one's self with little left for anything else then one really needs to re-evaluate whether or not they'd fair out better just putting on a back pack and living the life of a vagabond. While that might be appealing to some it certainly isn't for most people. 

Sadly, there's less jobs paying enough to live on and no amount of working overtime is going to change that. It's been this way for decades and the socioeconomic engineers seem bound and determined to speed up their course of action of winding it all down. If there was any doubt that I should've taken a similar path as Daniel Suelo (and others like him) it's since been extinguished. That guy was determined to live freely and being a wage slave to anyone (including himself) wasn't an option. Good for him. With the way things are going others will likely come to this conclusion. 

While the false left right paradigm has been building up over the years it's especially bad now. What's termed "leftists" now has become intolerant of anyone it deems as right wing which would include many that identify as left of center. On the other side you have the hardcore evangelical Christian zealots (not to be confused with all Christians) clinging on to every new form of fear porn that becomes vouge. It's quite disheartening. It's no wonder more people are just keeping to themselves nowadays with the whole plandemic only speeding it up. It's easier to not sympathize with a society that's less interactive with one another and adheres to ideologies inharmonious with the Tao so to speak and that's as applicable to the leftists as it is to those that lean more to the right end of the political spectrum. 

So now with the closing cliches ....

 I bid everyone a farewell. Enjoy life as much as possible and while I wouldn't recommend anyone to stick their head in the sand (like an ostrich) - pretending all is well in this world it's best to slow down and occasionally stop to smell the roses. ☕ 🥧