Sunday, September 12, 2010

My First Blog Post

 I've held off creating a blog until I found a name that I feel properly describes me and my quest in life - whatever that means! There's information about myself I'll reveal and there's things that'll remain private. Not that I have any serious skeletons in my closet or anything. None-the-less, there's thing we reveal and there's things we don't. That's just how it is. Not everyone is an open book and those that are probably shouldn't be.. I think we've all known someone who was quick to reveal intimate details about themselves that we really wish we didn't know. To put it bluntly - I don't care when a person last had their bowl movement,okay? lol

Hopefully soon I'll be traveling out west and seeing this beautiful world while I'm still breathing. Life is a precious gift and once it's gone that's it. I'm not saying there isn't life after death BUT I'm trying to focus on the here and now the best I can. I'm attempting to live my life for what I know exists and not merely for a belief system that may or may not be real. I'm no saint. Not that it matters. I don't buy into the positive thinking movement that says any form of "negative" emotion is bad and a sign of spiritual "weakness". That's an imbalanced way to perceive one's self and one's fellow mankind. To say it's out of sync with nature is an understatement that I can't emphasize strongly enough.

    I've never been one that enjoyed working my ass off. There's more important things than getting rich. Often times you have to step on others in order to get there and that's always bothered me. I'm not a very competent capitalist sorry to say and honestly, I could care less. Besides, most jobs don't even pay a sustaining wage anymore. So much of one's time is taken and what little they get for it simply isn't worth it. So I ask; can't we all just get along and dance? 



  1. Congrats Ben... Believe me or not... I've already learned much from you. I look forward to nitpicking your brain and reading your perspectives on life and meme squeamish.

  2. Thanks Roy! It's always great to learn from one another. It's a shame our time on this planet is so short. I guess it's all what we make of it while we're here. I look forward to reading your comments and maybe we can nitpick one another's brains together. lol

  3. Hey buddy love your blog. I will prob be trampin myself soon. I named my son "Cayce Aliester" after the greats, Edgar Cayce and Aliester Crowley. Did i tell you the fam I picked bailed on me!? Selfish Bastards! Much love.