Monday, September 13, 2010

Update On The Rise Of Tent Cities

According to the Huffington Post and Squidoo tent cities are increasing. Is this the jobless recovery the "experts" are talking about? Simply put; the average job no longer pays a sustaining wage. You can't pay your rent,your electric bill,your phone bill,and have enough left over for food and transportation at full time employment. Those days are long gone. Sad BUT true. That's what so many people are overlooking. People are in denial of just how bad it really is out here.

It's not just in California. It's all across the Pacific West, the North-East,large portions of the Heart land, Dixie,and Canada. It's getting worse by the minute. There's more people than jobs and to make matters worse an out of control immigration policy continues - adding more fuel to the fire. The people naturally feel resentful and frustrated. It's called the "Great Recession" and it's deemed the worst economic disaster this country has experienced since the last "Great Depression" of the 1930s.

There's shanty towns popping up all over the place. Click here and here and here to see what I'm talking about. Wake up! It's much worse than many would think. Dare we call it the depression of 2010? Whatever name they choose to call it,they'll try and down play it's significance.

It's bad out here and I suspect it's only gonna to get worse. It might possibly be a downward spiral that we're NEVER gonna get out of. If that's so, then calling it a mere depression wouldn't be appropriate. I see visions of Mad Max,Robo Cop,and other dystopias that have been made into Hollywood films flooding my mind and I fear at least some of those scenarios will actually come to fruition. To what degree remains to be seen.

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So, still thinking of starting a family? Think again. It's not feasible. It cost way too much to live nowadays. You can't even afford yourself much less a family. What our parents and grandparent's generations were able to do are long gone. It's unfortunate but it's the truth. The economy is in shambles and the "culture" is in complete disarray. It's getting uglier by the minute.

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Notice how America is looking more like a third world country all the time? These are your country men, your brothers,sisters, aunts,uncles,cousins,etc. They're not people from far off lands.

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Sadly, the breakdown of the family among other aspects of "normality" have been eroding away for quite some time due to social engineering. Without a strong sense of family/community networking with others will be extremely difficult should an economic collapse lead to the erosion of modern civilization.

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This isn't just a Northern American problem. It's happening all across Europe,Australia,New Zealand,and Japan and it's getting worse by the day. Are we doomed as a civilization to one day live as road warriors for our meager sustenance? Let's hope it doesn't come down to that. Sadly, it doesn't look very promising out here.

Ever heard of the "The Hindenburg Omen" ?

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