Monday, February 28, 2011

After demonstration of 100,000, union officials prepare to end Wisconsin struggle

 It's doubtful I'm the only one noticing the parallels between the protests in Wisconsin and all the civil unrest taking place throughout Europe and the middle east. It's too well orchestrated. I smell a rat!

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The plan is to bust the unions up -leaving most Americans living at poverty (or below). It was "socialist" legislation that banned child labor - children working 14 hour days in factories/7 days a week. These "compassionate" conservatives who tout the "love" of Christ are hypocrites possessing zero credibility. Everything coming out of their mouths is little more than double speak.

 It should be noted that it wasn't the churches that helped put an end to such injustice. It was the humanists,the socialists,and the skeptics who were the true pioneers of social and economic reform. If the moral majority types had their way we'd return to how things used to be. This is quite unsettling to say the least. This is being passed off (via talk radio and the Sunday morning pulpits) as good ole family "values". Sadly, many of the working poor are buying into it hook,line,and sinker.

To support economic policies that work counter to one's livelihood is irrational - to say the least. Sadly,this has become the norm throughout much of the south, the mid west,and it would seem -  a growing segment of American society at large.
 Click here to view this short video on the history of child labor in the U.S.


  1. Great post! I think it's gonna get a lot worse. We're not looking at a depression here. We're looking a full fledged global meltdown- orchestrated by the super elites for total planetary control.

  2. I concur. It's not looking too good.


  3. This ain't no joke. Prepare for the end. It's closer than you might think.