Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hate Comes to Orange County?

So it's deemed hate to want to preserve one's way of life,eh?


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Normally I don't agree with the tea bagger types but I must give credit where it's due. As Americans, many of us have had enough of the government sponsoring a massive invasion of people that have no love for our kindred or our values. Enough is enough. This has gone too far. We don't want sharia law nor do we want women being reduced to second class status - having to wear a veil or denied employment rights. This is ridiculous. 

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On the flip side -  these flag waving goons protesting the massive legal (and illegal) invasion of America lack compassion for the needy and downtrodden within their own borders. What utter lunacy! lol.Their idea is to cut domestic aid while supporting the war efforts overseas (costing us trillions) giving out billions a year in foreign aid. Is this the "compassionate" conservatism we keep hearing about?

Lets get real here.Teachers are getting cut by the droves and there's no end in sight to other cuts that'll soon be taking place. So the reasoning is this - keep bankrupting Americans via the war on terrorism while cutting aid to the needy in our own country. The Tea party can claim to love America but their double speak is all too apparent. This is why I tend to be left leaning fiscally and more to the right socially. Society en mass has been conditioned to see things in a very dualistic perspective. I for one refuse to buy into the false left/right paradigm.  

We're getting a taste of what the native Americans experienced. It's only the beginning though. There's a lot more in store for us. These are before and after photos of Pueblo Indian children who were torn from their families and forced to assimilate to western "culture". 

                                                         It's a bit unnerving isn't it?

So are you proud to be an American? Yes and no. Much of this country's greatness is diminishing. Our own birthrates are down and we're continually throwing money towards an infrastructure that our descendants won't be here to enjoy. We're essentially funding our own destruction.

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Constant propaganda (via education and the media) has proven to be successful. People simply re-enforce the memes to one another and it becomes the new norm. Social engineering works. Nothing happens by mere coincidence. It's all by design. Ever wonder why? Very few care to question any of this. They're simply content with the status quo.

Are we doomed to utter cultural devastation? It appears we're on a sinking ship that's beyond saving. So while I tend to lean left on fiscal matters - that was before this nation succumbed to pluralism. As it stands now; we're on the brink of survival mode. Preservation (of any kind) is my main concern.


  1. I'll tell you what's wrong with America. It's become a haven for sexual deviates, broken families,feminism,multiculturalism,and anything else wrong you can think of. I remember how this country used to be and it sickens my heart to see what it's become today. Think this is what the founders had in mind when they wrote the constitution? I dare say not! God has taken his hands of protection of this nation and it's heading straight to Hell in a hand basket.

  2. I partially agree with you Fred. Our country is going to crap.

    Outside of Pascal's wager what if your doctrine of exclusivity is wrong? What if Jesus Christ truly came here to save us all and there's wonderful people in heaven of all sects,creeds,races,and religions? What then? What would you do with all that hate? Who would that make you then? Would you still be the same Fred you've always been?

  3. Fred, I doubt there's much we see eye to eye on but I'll be damned if I'm gonna delete any of your comments. I'm not like that. This is a free speech zone as far as I'm concerned.

    Ricky, good question. I doubt you'll get any sort of admittance on Fred's part of a loving god transcending his elitist dogma.