Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is Blogger and Picasa Going Away?

Is Blogger and Picasa going away?  According to this article only the names are changing. I have no qualms with Google wanting their logo next to the Blogger and the Picasa icons. However, many of us are quite fond of things staying relatively the same. A little change here and there is fine BUT as the old saying goes; If it ain't broke don't fix it. 

I hope Google is listening and takes this to heart. As far as I'm concerned; changing the names of both Blogger and Picasa would be like changing the names of Coca Cola and Dr.Pepper. People would be in an uproar - and for good reason too.Does anyone remember what happened to the "new" Coke that was introduced in the mid 1980s? It didn't pan out too well.

On a more positive note - I now have a Google+ account. Whoo hoo! I like it. It's basically an upgrade of  my Google profile/buzz that I've had for a few years or so. I like what I see so far. Yes, there's room for improvement but that's to be expected with anything new. Sometime at the end of this month Google + is going public and pretty much anyone will be able to create an account. It's gonna be exciting to see what comes of this. 

What I like about Google+ is that it allows you to create different circles for different groups of people and when you post things on your profile you can choose what circle(s) see it. Not knocking Facebook or anything but it allows for more privacy and a separation between different groups of people you hang out with. One circle can be for work colleagues only while another can be reserved for family. Likewise, the video chatting is out of this world. You have the choice of one on one chats or group chatting. This is probably the new wave of social networking and so far I'm enjoying the ride. Surfs up!

It'll be interesting to see all the changes that Google goes through. I've already noticed that the various Google products have become much more integrated with one another. So far I like what I see. Only time will tell. Eventually my blog will be more centered on my own personal journey but for the time being I'm gonna keep the various postings random.

Ben (The Blue Wanderer) 7/4/2011

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  1. I quite agree with you Ben, that massive change doesn't do anyone any good. I've decided though that the twelve year olds are in charge of the tech world and they will make change for change sake. I don't have time in my life to sit down and learn a new way of doing stuff. I have no time for drawing circles! Can't stand facebook and think Google is stupid for making the changes that they're going to implement. Think I may just have to find another carrier.