Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Ending of Things

This is my first posting in awhile. It's a bit overdue I suppose. Things in my life have taken a turn and it's not going to be easy adjusting. My time doing as I've been doing for the past decade or so is about up. I can't say that I'm happy about it. Most people (in their right mind) wouldn't be. It's here though and I'm attempting to adjust to what is most likely the inevitable outcome to this change. I know we've all heard that change is good - but is it? To say that I don't agree with that statement's accuracy is an understatement. Yes change can be good but not always.

So I begin walking yesterday and I was quickly made aware of just how bad my health had digressed just in the past year. Hopefully I won't procrastinate and will keep with it. I need to. My life depends on it. I can't afford to go on a strict diet or join some fitness club. I'm trying to do the best I can on a limited income.

 So here I go. Trying to adapt to a change that I always suspected was possible but haven't been prepared to deal with in awhile. I have some time so I'm gonna make the best of it and prepare for the inevitable.

 If all works out the possible adventures awaiting me could be the material for future blog postings. Perhaps I'll get the chance to see the places I've always wanted to but (because of a lack of money) have never done. When one is barely maintaining a roof over their head and the basics of life due to working a low wage job they can't afford to move,travel,or participate in various social outings. At the same time if one is in the same economic situation and they loose what little they struggle to hold onto they have no reason to stay put where they're at UNLESS that's where they want to be.

So the the meaning of my blog's name will finally be realized and be what it's intended to be - about my adventures traveling. I never understood why people agreed to a rigged game and playing "responsible" when most jobs no longer pay enough to afford the basics of life - shelter,a stay-at-home mate,a family,adequate spending and savings,and et cetera. It's one thing to work low wage jobs when that's all there is but agreeing to participate in what the system expects from us with no adequate compensation is preposterous.

 Had it not been for people in my life helping me out (from time to time) I would've long been where I'm soon to be - without a permanent place to call home. I know so many people living with family because most of the jobs don't pay enough to live on and those that do find better jobs rarely have the luxury of previous generations - enjoying job stability. So they might be making good money for the time being but the likelihood of being laid off in a few years or so are high.

Times are changing but most are oblivious to it. It amazes me the magnitude of people's blindness to what's going on. The lack of the media's mention of how broken the economy is largely the cause of it. So many people tend to think that they're own misfortunes in life are purely of their own making. That's not true. When you're participating in a rigged game no matter how hard you try and get ahead you'll fail. I hope more people realize this in the not too distant future. Then again - most might never come to this awareness and if that's the case - things stand little chance for improvement.

I'm not gonna self delude myself with the positive thinking jargon or drowning my troubles with booze. That's not my style. I'd rather stay awake and focused on the harsh reality of life while still trying to make the best of my life all the same. I hope everything works out for the best. I'm nervous but I just can't give up. Life is too short as it is and I want to live it to the fullest - even if it's living life as a wanderer, a pan handler,or as a street urchin.


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